Family Practice

The FirstCare Family Practice with Dr. Lauren Vigna, David Hattenbrun, FNP-C and Denise McGovern, FNP-C.

Dr. Lauren Vigna and David Hattenbrun, FNP-C

Dr. Lauren Vigna and David Hattenbrun, FNP

The family practice, physician and doctor needs of Highland, New Paltz, Marlboro, Milton, Esopus, Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas are now served by FirstCare Medical Center. Accepting new family practice, pediatric and gynecology patients.

Dr. Vigna has been featured in the “Best Doctors of the Hudson Valley” and “Talk of the Town” for the last eight years. She is Board-Certified in Family Practice and treats adults and children using traditional as well as holistic medical therapies. David Hattenbrun, FNP-C, has been a practicing and teaching nurse practitioner for twenty years in the Hudson Valley. Our family practice believes in compassionate and complete medical care for the individual needs of our patients.

Denise McGovern, FNP-C

Denise McGovern, FNP-C

FirstCare Family Practice also features an on-line portal for our patients to view their medical records and make appointments.

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