Adult and Pediatric Urgent Care • Traditional and Holistic Family Practice • Physical Therapy
Cosmetic Dermatology • Digestive Diseases

No appointment needed for Urgent Care. Open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day. We may have limited hours during other holidays or severe weather conditions so please call our office before coming to FirstCare if you have any questions. Our family practice is open weekdays and has family practitioners available for all your medical, pediatric and gynecologic needs. We also offer a comprehensive occupational medicine program, weight loss and smoking cessation, suboxone treatment and medical marijuana certifications.

  • Rapid Treatment of most adult and pediatric illnesses and injuries
  • X-Ray and Laboratory Services
  • School, work, sports, pre-operative and insurance physicals
  • Cost-effective care for uninsured patients
  • Family Practice, Occupational Medicine, Cosmetic Dermatology, Physical Therapy on-site
  • Most insurances accepted
  • State-of-the-Art Urgent Care facility in a convenient location
  • Open 7 days a week, No Appointment Needed
  • Entertaining, enclosed play area for children
  • Free WIFI access
Dr. Lauren Vigna and Jennifer Barresi, FNP from FirstCare Family Practice

Family Practice

Our holistic family practice treats the whole person with a focus on preventative health and wellness. Our providers are experienced in holistic and botanical treatments as well as traditional medications. Experience the difference having a private, non-corporation based family practice can provide.

An image of a physical therapist treating a patient.

Physical Therapy

We’ll get you moving and keep you balanced. You will be seen by a physical therapist, not an assistant. Dr. Jolly utilizes a hands-on approach to physical therapy that can yield results in fewer treatments than machine based rehabilitation. Dr. Jolly is known as one of the most skilled therapists in the Hudson Valley.

An image of a doctor at a job location.

Workplace Health

At FirstCare we treat companies the way we treat our patients; with individual attention and care. Employers who come to us know they can expect customer service of the highest order, that their employees will be treated with expertise and compassion. We concentrate on early return to the workforce without compromising employees safety or health.