Employment Opportunities

At this time we are growing rapidly and would be more than happy to accept and review any applications and resumes to refer to them when/if we have need to add more staff in the near future.

FirstCare will offer a high quality, customer friendly medical experience. Our goal is to offer a warm, comfortable environment in which to provide medical care. We promise a working experience in which individuals can grow and be part of our “family.”


Qualifications: Typing and computer skills. Friendly, upbeat, customer service oriented individuals. This key position is felt to be one of the most important for a medical practice in that it is the first point of contact for patients. A positive, happy personality is essential. Training on the computer system will be provided.

Duties: Answering telephones, greeting patients entering our center, entering patient data into the computer, anticipating and attending to the needs of patients in the waiting

Medical Assistant

Qualifications: Medical technicians, paramedics, EMTs and hospital phlebotomists would be qualified for this position. A friendly, upbeat, caring personality is essential.

Duties: Drawing blood, acquiring urine samples for drug testing, starting IVs, taking Vital Signs, using ECG and Pulmonary Function Equipment, setting up instrument trays for tasks such as suturing. Training will be provided for equipment use, but strong phlebotomy skills are important.

Use of computer is required, and training will be provided. Medical Assistant will be cross-trained to help support the front desk.

X-Ray Technician

Qualifications: Certified NYS X-Ray technicians. Familiarity with PACS system and CR equipment. A friendly, upbeat, caring personality is essential.

Duties: Taking standard x-rays. Cross-training will be provided to assist with patient care.

Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners

Registered, Licensed Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners will be an integral part of FirstCare. Individuals who are seeking part or full-time employment are encouraged to apply. A friendly, upbeat, caring personality is essential and emergency department experience is required.

Download/print our employment application.
Please fax our 2-page application and resumé to Kim Doyle at 845-691-3641 .

For further information, please e-mail us at firstcarekim@gmail.com.

Our application is in pdf format. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, download a free version.