Bronchitis in New Paltz and Highland

Bronchitis in New Paltz and Highland

This is the time of year when sickness goes around. Whether you work in an office or your children attend school or daycare, it is hard to avoid germs throughout the winter. If you have a cold that is not letting go, you might be wondering if you have bronchitis. In this blog post we will talk about what bronchitis.

Bronchitis and the common cold

Bronchitis commonly occurs after a cold or bout with the flu if the bronchial tubes of the lungs get infected and swollen. This produces a nasty cough that produces mucus. There are two kinds of bronchitis—acute and chronic. Acute bronchitis is probably the kind you are experiencing during the cold and flu season. Chronic bronchitis usually has greater cause like COPD, often a result of smoking.

Bronchitis has been determined to be 90% viral and 10% bacterial. The best treatments are often prescription inhalers and cough medicine, as well as buckwheat honey, Umcka and dextromethorphan. FirstCare carries all the over the coutner medications that we recommend.

It is common to see people who struggle with infection in their bronchial tubes as a result of their body fighting off a cold or the flu. When the bronchial tubes swell and produce mucus, that makes it harder to breathe. Besides a mucus producing cough, people with bronchitis can have a low fever, stuffy nose, feel tired, and have a sore throat.

If you have bronchitis, it may run its course in a few weeks. But if the condition worsens, come in to FirstCare Medical Center for treatment. You need to see Dr. Weinman or one of our emergency trained providers if the mucus is thickening or getting darker in color, if you cough up any blood, if your cough is keeping you awake at night, if you have a cough for more than 7-10 days, if you experience chest pain, or if your cough or symptoms make it hard for you to speak. For more information and treatment options including x-rays, simply come to FirstCare walk-in medical center. No appointment is needed.