Frequently Asked Questions About FirstCare Family Practice

Dr. Lauren Vigna and David Hattenbrun, FNP-C
Dr. Lauren Vigna and David Hattenbrun, FNP-C

What insurance does FirstCare Family Practice take?

At this time we accept:
CDPHP (employer based only)
Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
The Empire Plan

At this time we do not accept:
United Healthcare
NYS Medicaid


If you have other insurances you can call your company to inquire if FirstCare Family Practice participates. If you do not have health insurance we take credit cards, cash and personal checks. If you wish to become a member of our practice, consider changing your insurance as soon as possible.

What hospital will FirstCare Family Practice be associated with?
FirstCare Family Practrice is an office-based out-patient practice and does not admit to a hospital. If you require admission to a hospital you will be sent to Vassar Brothers Medical Center or Mid Hudson Regional Hospital Emergency Department for evaluation and admission by the hospitalist. A hospitalist is a physician who only works in the hospital. After your discharge you will return to FirstCare Family Practice which will have the record of your hospital stay.

What days and hours is FirstCare Family Practice available?
FirstCare Family Practice is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. It is not open beyond those hours, but if you are ill you can always go to our urgent care which is open weekdays 8am-7pm and weekends 10am-4pm. If the urgent care is closed you would proceed to the closest hospital emergency department for care.

What kind of medicine does Dr. Vigna and Jennifer Barresi practice?
Dr. Vigna and Jennifer Barresi are family practice providers with extensive experience and training in Holistic Medicine. They treat pediatric and adult patients from newborn to geriatric ages. FirstCare Family Practice offers traditional family practice treatments as well as holistic medical options such as the use of herbs to treat medical conditions. We also refer to adjunct medical providers such as acupuncturists, nutritionists and chiropractors. Any further questions about the type of medicine she practices can be obtained by our providers during your initial visit.

What is your cancellation policy?
Appointments that cannot be kept must be cancelled with a 24 hour notice. Cancellations without 24 hour notice and no-shows for appointments will be charged $40.00. This fee is not covered by health insurance. Patients are expected to arrive 5-10 minutes before their appointment time. Patients arriving later may need to be rescheduled We will be unable to maintain a relationship with patients who have multiple late arrivals or cancellations.

How do I have my records transferred to FirstCare Family Practice?
Contact your current provider and ask that your records be sent to us and not faxed. Our address is: FirstCare Medical Center, 222 Route 299, Highland, NY 12528.