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Is it Too Late for My Family to Get Flu Shots?

Posted on: 9 Dec 2015

Flu Shots

It’s a little hard to believe that it is almostChristmas already. If you’re like us, time has slipped by much more quickly than you expected. Unfortunately it won’t slow down for us anytime soon, because the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day always seems to travel at warp speed each year.

If you’ve had a particularly busy fall, it’s possible that you have neglected to bring your family in for their annual flu shots. Suddenly, you’re starting to hear stories of people home sick in bed with the flu, and getting a flu shot seems like a good idea, but you’re wondering if it is too late to get your flu shot for this year.

The peak of the flu season varies from year to year, and each local area experiences the flu at a slightly different time, but we can expect that flu will be present in our community in some form from now until the spring.

You may already be aware that it takes your body two weeks after you receive your flu shot to build up a full immunity from the influenza virus. So if you know people who are already sick with the flu, you might think it is too late to get a flu vaccination this year.  It’s true that the CDC recommends that everyone receive a flu vaccination before the end of October. However, even if you are exposed to influenza before the full two weeks has passed, the immunity your body has had a chance to build up from your vaccination will help you recover from the flu more quickly, possibly shortening the duration and severity of your illness. So, it’s definitely not too late for you to get your flu shot, but remember that sooner is always better. If you find you have flu symptoms the doctors and physicians at FirstCare between New Paltz and Highland can help you with treatments for your illness.