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Fracture Care After An Accident

Breaking or fracture of any of the bones in the body, such as an arm, hand, leg, or foot, can cause a fracture. X-rays can show Fractures which require medical personnel to assess the injury. There are two types of fractures: Open and Closed. An open fracture means the bone is sticking out through the skin. A closed fracture means the skin is not broken.

Any fracture is a true emergency. If there is heavy bleeding or the limb is hanging at a strange angle, call for medical assistance immediately by dialing 9-1-1. The most important thing to do is stop the flow of blood if there is heavy bleeding. Apply pressure to the site with a clean cloth or apply a tourniquet around the limb above the fracture. The area of the fracture needs a splint to keep it straight and immobile. This will help reduce pain and discomfort. Ice packs can help with swelling and relieve pain.

When the patient arrives in the emergency facility, they will need x-rays and pain medicine. They may also receive a cast or brace to further immobilize the limb, or they may require surgery to fix the fracture. After treatment of the fracture, it takes six to nine weeks for the bones to heal completely.

The doctor will keep a close eye on your progress, and they may suggest physical therapy to help improve function of the limb after the fracture heals. Using special exercises and various forms of treatment, such as ice or heat, can facilitate return of normal function to the limb. The patient should pace themselves and not overdo the exercises in hopes of healing faster. This can cause great detriment to the healing limb.

Experiencing a fracture can cause many issues in the patient’s life. Healing can take time and go very slowly depending on where the fracture is in the body. Seeing a medical professional help at FirstCare Medical Center, will facilitate quick treatment and get the patient on the fast road to recovery. We have X-ray capability and can splint most fractures until seen by an orthopedist if necessary.