Influenza in New Paltz and Highland, NY

What is influenza and how can we prevent it?
What is Influenza? In one word? Flu. The achy body, fever, headache, chills. Germs are everywhere. Everywhere you walk, sit, eat, stand. So how do we help prevent this visitor that comes around every year?
Here are three crucial elements to protect yourself and others from germs:
Get the flu vaccination: This may not necessarily keep a person from getting the flu, but it DOES assist in shortening the length of time a person is ill and lessens the symptoms that might arise.
Keep your hands clean: There are many times throughout a day that a person is able to spread germs. Whenever you use the restroom, prepare food (before, during and after), come in contact with any type of bodily fluid or whenever your hands look dirty, etc. It is times like these that washing your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap, washing vigorously for twenty seconds is crucial. Carrying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you for those times you don’t have a sink and soap handy is also important.
Keep your workplace and home clean: Especially after someone has been ill, it is vital to de-germ your space. Make sure you use either paper towels or cloths that you can throw away or use towels that you can wash in hot water to better aid in stopping germs. By making it a routine to disinfect all areas where germs are lurking can help ensure this nasty illness remains at bay.
Being aware of how germs spread and doing everything possible to keep them from spreading, along with the vaccine is vital in making it through the flu season.
If you would like the Flu Vaccine or if you believe you have the flu come into FirstCare Medical Center any day of the week.