Lyme Disease in New Paltz and Highland

Improve Lyme Disease Treatment With Early Diagnosis

Lyme disease is a frustrating disease to live with. Prognosis can be great if your Lyme disease is quickly identified and treated with antibiotics, but that is easier said than done. The initial diagnosis of Lyme disease can be a little tricky, because many of the symptoms are similar to the common flu, and not everyone presents with a bite mark and bullseye rash.

According to the article, “What It’s Like to Have Severe Lyme Disease” by Alexa Tsoulis-Reay,

“Fewer than 50 percent of Lyme disease patients can even recall a tick bite or a rash, so thorough questioning is vital when a doctor is making a diagnosis. Left untreated, the disease can travel to your heart, joints, and nervous system.”

If you suspect you may have contracted Lyme disease it is important to see a doctor who is familiar with the disease and will take the time to get you tested for an accurate diagnosis.

There is some controversy about Lyme disease since many health care professional do not believe in chronic lyme disease, the continuing symptoms and complications of lyme disease after its treatment with antibiotics. For patients, there is nothing more frustrating than experiencing symptoms and feeling ignored by the doctors that are supposed to be helping you manage your illness. You need doctors who will listen to you and support you with holistic approaches to your illness.

Many times treating the complications from Lyme disease can be a difficult medical undertaking as well. Great doctors will walk you through the whole process answering all of your questions along the way and following up with you about your concerns. You should never feel like you are a burden to the people who are supposed to be providing your medical care. The practitioners and doctors at FirstCare Medical Center in Highland and New Paltz are well versed in Lyme detection and treatment. If you feel you may have Lyme disease come in today.