Occupational and Workplace Health, Workers Comp

Occupational and Workplace Health, workers comp

The key to any successful business lies with the employees. Dedication and passion for the job are important, but changes to their health and safety can sideline even the best of your workforce. Whether you’re in need of pre-employment physicals, drug testing, and respiratory fittings, or you’re facing a work-related injury, it is important to have the right health care team available.

FirstCare Medical Center offers certified and experienced practitioners in Occupational and Workplace Health, workers comp to meet all of your Occupational Medicine needs. We understand the relationship between the work environment and employee health. We strive to provide care based on the hazards and stressors experienced, both physically and emotionally. Our goal is to provide preventative education as well as proper treatment, not only through our Med Center but also by coordinating with other local professionals. We are open seven days a week and no appointment is necessary. We provide a wide range of services to meet your needs, no matter your business.

FirstCare Medical Center provides the following services on-site:

Digital X-ray
Wound/Laceration Repair
Physical & Occupational Therapy
Treatment of Sprains, Fractures, & Broken Bones
Treatment of Non-Emergency Work-Related Injuries
We offer a wide range of care options specific to local businesses and their employees. These include:

DOT Examinations with NRCME Certified Examiners
Work, School, or Camp Physicals
Pre-Employment and Post-Offer Physicals with drug & alcohol testing
OSHA Exams & Respiratory Fittings
Pulmonary Function Testing
Hearing Tests
Urine Tests
Breath Alcohol Testing
Strep, Flu, & Pregnancy Testing
Blood Draws
We realize that the longer it takes to treat an employee and improve their health, the more stress it places on others in the workplace and potentially reduces revenue. We are dedicated to:

Assisting in the Prevention of Work-Related Illness and Injury
Providing Rapid Treatment and Rehabilitation
Improving Return-to-Work Time
Helping Employees Manage Health Care Cost Concerns
To provide the best, most efficient care possible, we also have other work-related services available in addition to medical treatment. These are:

On-Site Medical Review Officers
On-Site Substance Abuse Professionals
On-Site Suboxone Treatment
Worker’s Compensation
Employee Background Checks
Immigration I-693 Physical Exams
Independent Medical Exams
We work closely with other local professionals to make sure your employee receives the full spectrum of needed care. These include:

Off-Site Blood/Tissue Sample Laboratories
Our Workplace Health services are not limited to those in Highland. Our service area is broad, encompassing the following cities:

New Paltz
Port Ewen
Hudson Valley
Ulster County
Dutchess County
When considering a medical team to care for the health and well-being of your employees, look no further than the FirstCare Medical Center. For questions or further information, please contact us.