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Dr. Donna Jolly
Dr. Donna Jolly

We’ll get you moving and keep you balanced.

Mobility. Recovery. Helping you get back to life. Physical therapy is used for patients who have pain in joints and muscles such as neck and back pain, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle pain. At FirstCare, physical therapist Dr. Donna Jolly will work to decrease your discomfort and increase the movement and function of your injured or painful areas. For physical therapy in Highland, New Paltz, Marlboro and the surrounding area, FirstCare is your first choice. Physical therapy can help with orthopedic injuries, sports injuries , muscle imbalance, post-surgical rehabilitation, arthritis, osteoporosis, neurological disorders, spinal care such as neck and back pain issues, geriatric care, vertigo and dizziness.

Find support in your recovery process. Dr. Jolly will guide you during the recovery process of injuries or surgeries, working to help the healing and suggesting ways in which you can continue treatment in the privacy of your home. Dr. Jolly will be available at every stage on the road to recovery.

“I thought I would have to have surgery for my neck pain. Dr. Jolly was able to limit my pain in less than a month.” John S, New Paltz.

Many patients believe they will have to learn to live with their pain or think there is nothing that can be done. You do not need to live with pain or disability.

Dr. Donna Jolly with a patient
Dr. Donna Jolly with a patient

We have specialized treatment programs developed for individual needs. Every patient is unique. We provide specialized and targeted plans that fit you and your lifestyle. We offer one-on-one personalized physical therapy. Our facility and program our state of the art. It is time to start living without pain. Call us today.

Dr. Jolly received her doctorate in physical therapy at Boston University. She has worked in multiple office settings and hospitals, and with all age groups. Dr. Jolly specializes in manual techniques to improve movement and flexability. She also has a special interest in patients with dizziness and balance problems. Dr. Jolly will develop personalized treatment plans designed to return you to your pre-injury activities and function. Programs will be tailor-made to fit your lifestyle and time constraints.

One-on-one therapy is the hallmark of FirstCare physical therapy. Let our physical therapy program return you to optimum performance and maximum function. Call today.

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