Physician-Guided Weight Loss Program in Highland

FirstCare Weight Loss Programs. Are you ready to lose weight?

Dr. Stephen Weinman recently used the Medifast weight loss program for 20 days and lost ten pounds, going from 160 to 150lbs. He describes the food as very tasty, nutritious and filling (as long as it was taken with a large glass of water.) The diet is for people who want a controlled, easy to follow program that is not expensive (It costs less than $300.00 for a months worth of Medifast meals.) Dr Weinman is one of the doctors in Highland and New Paltz who works at FirstCare Medical Center.

Says Dr. Steve: ” I was tired of not fitting in my pants anymore, and seeing this belly I had. I wanted fast results with real food. Medifast basically is a calorie restriction program that jump starts your body into a fat burning state. I was a little hungry at times but overall it was pretty easy to stick to the diet. You can eat 6-8 small meals and snacks per day, and drink as much water and broth as you like. Most of the food is very tasty, and I will continue to eat many of the items even if I’m not dieting, especially the energy bars and cereals. And added bonus is that there were no artificial sweeteners or much of anything in the meals that wasn’t natural.”

After 1-2 months on MediFast you would transition to a normal healthy diet to maintain your weight loss. Call FirstCare Medical Center today or come in to discuss starting the program. Or wait until 2015 and start your New Year off right!