Pneumonia in rosendale and highland

Pnuemonia in Rosendale and Highland: Just The Flu, Or Something Worse

It’s easy to brush off that annoying, persistent cough or that exhaustion as simply coming down with a cold or the flu, especially if you are unfamiliar with diseases that are similar to the common cold or the flu. People commonly mistake the symptoms of pneumonia for the common cold.

With its similarity to the symptoms of the common cold, pneumonia is often mistaken for a minor illness, and not given the proper attention and treatment. pneumonia is a serious respiratory illness resulting from fluid build up in the lungs, causing lung tissues to swell.

Pneumonia shares several symptoms with the common cold. Some of those symptoms include, dry and or phlegm-y cough, sweating and shivering, breathlessness, rapid breathing, rapid heart beat, fever and tiredness. Some may also experience headaches, nausea and vomiting, muscle pains, wheezing and chest pains.

There are three main types of common pneumonia and seeing a medical professional may help determine which type you have. There are three common types of pneumonia. Community acquired pneumonia is the most common type. It is typically acquired in public spaces such as schools and grocery stores. The second type is hospital acquired pneumonia, acquired after a stay in the hospital. The third type is aspiration pneumonia, which is from inhaling substances such as food, liquids, or chemicals.

Pneumonia can be self limited, but it can also be deadly. It is important that respiratory infections lasting more than a few days be evaluated by a medical professional. Chest X Rays can be helpful and we have x ray capabilities at Firstcare.

Unsure if you have the common cold or pneumonia? This would be a great time to see a doctor at First Care Medical Center in Highland. We treat pneumonia and many other respiratory infections every day.

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