• Swimmers ear puts a damper on summer time fun — and it’s painful.  Children up to teens are the most susceptible.  Fortunately most will outgrow the recurring problem, but preventative measures can be taken to ensure recurring infections are minimized or even prevented to eliminate or limit long-term damage to the ear.

    Typically, children and teens present with swimmers ear recurring in one ear.  The less fortunate may present in both ears.  Regardless, both ears should be treated to prevent future infections.

    A simple at-home preventative treatment is easy to make and easy to use with equal parts of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.  You’ll need:

    • A small, clean towel
    • A teaspoon, five (5) milliliter syringe or dropper

    Follow these steps after swimming, showering and/or bathing:

    1. Have the child lie on his or her side
    2. Fill the teaspoon, syringe or dropper with about 5 ml of the solution
    3. Pour the solution into the ear
    4. Place the clean towel over that ear and hold the towel in place
    5. Have the child roll onto his or her other side (the solution in the first ear should drain into the towel under the child’s head)
    6. Repeat steps 2 and 3
    7. Have the child stand and catch the fluid from the second ear with the towel
    8. Allow the fluid to drain and dry without further intervention (don’t use cotton balls, Q-tips or tissues to help them drain or dry)

    The alcohol acts as a drying agent to evaporate moisture from the ear canal.  The white vinegar balances the PH to prevent any bacterial growth and conditions the inner ear canal keeping it healthy staving off any possible “foreign invaders” looking to start an infection.

    If your child is suffering from swimmers ear, come by FirstCare Walk-In Medical Center  and see our highland an new paltz doctors today.