Weight Loss Program

Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Program at FirstCare Walk-In Medical Center

There is an epidemic of obesity in America, and the Hudson Valley is no exception. At FirstCare, we’ve designed a program that is highly effective and guaranteed to work if followed correctly. Large amounts of weight can be lost in a relatively short period of time, and emphasis is made on keeping the weight off for a lifetime.

FirstCare now has the Ultraslim System for immediate loss of fat, pounds and inches. You are guaranteed to lose 2.5 inches in your first 32 minute, painless treatment. Call us to ask about this state-of-the-art body sculpting system.

Calculate your BMI to see how your weight compares with the recommended weight for your height.

Our weight loss program consists of a medical evaluation to determine ideal body weight and how to tailor the program to meet your individual needs. This visit is often covered by health insurance.

Ours is a 2 Phase Approach. First, we start by helping you achieve a healthy weight using the Medifast Meals, portion-controlled nutrition that is developed, used, and recommended by doctors. Then, we teach you the Habits of Health that you need to keep the weight off for good. And, because you will be working with a personal Health Coach, you will be supported in your exciting journey toward optimal health every step along the way. Information about our Take Shape for Life weight loss system can be found at: http://firstcaremedcenter.tsfl.com/?page=our-health-program

Many success stories can be found at our Take Shape for Life site: http://firstcaremedcenter.tsfl.com/?page=success-stories

In the FirstCare weight loss program, our patients are followed at our medical center and weighed regularly. Our patients have a partner in their quest for their desired body weight.

Lastly, healthy eating habits & exercise are important components of a lifetime of weight maintenance. At FirstCare we have a team of Take Shape for Life Nutritionists and Personal Trainers who can assist in planning for continued health long after you’ve reached your weight-loss goals. For more information, go to http://firstcaremedcenter.tsfl.com/ or call for a Weight Loss Consultation.