Skin Tags and Skin Growths

Everything you Wanted to Know about Skin Tags.

Sooner or later almost everyone notices they have small painless skin growths, called  skin tags. Fortunately skin tags are harmless, although if the growths are extensive enough, some people feel they detract from their appearance. Dermatologists and other physicians can remove skin tags easily in minutes.

Skin tags often appear in mid-life in both males and females and are often associated with obesity. Pregnant women also report having a higher incidence of skin tags. Skin tags are not contagious at all. Areas where skin tends to rub against itself or clothing have a tendency to develop tags. Most skin tags occur in the armpits, neck, buttock and groin folds, eyelids or under the breasts. Most people do not develop an excessive amount of tags, but some people can have hundreds of them. Skin tags typically start out as a pinhead-sized bump. Some eventually grow to about the size of a pencil eraser. In rare cases, tags can grow to the size of a fig or a large grape.

It is possible for a skin tag to spontaneously fall off, however most tags once formed, tend to stay on the skin. For most, skin tags are not bothersome, however if they reside in an area where they chafe due to interaction with clothing or jewelry, some people will want them removed. Others may have a number of tags and would feel more comfortable about their general appearance if they were removed.

Whatever the reason, we can evaluate your particular situation and determine if your specific skin condition is indeed a skin tag. If it is not a skin tag we can discuss other treatments. If it is a skin tag we can recommend a treatment plan for its removal. Fortunately, the removal of a skin tag does not make it more likely for it to come back. Once removed, it stays removed. Please contact us at FirstCare Medical Center today if you would like to have your skin growths examined or removed. Dr. Weinman has specialized equipment for fast and bloodless removal of skin tags and other unsightly growths.