Sore Throat Season in Highland

Sore Throat Season in Highland

It seems to be inevitable. As we come into fall and winter the germs start going around. Especially if you have children at school or day care or you work in an office with many other people bugs tend to make their way around schools and businesses like wildfire sometimes. And when you end up with a sore throat, it’s never fun. Sometimes you know you can wait it out and recover in a few days by getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and maybe some over-the-counter cold medicine. But for those really terrible sore throats, sometimes it’s best to be seen by a doctor.

FirstCare Medical Center in Highland and New Paltz treats many sore throats daily.

At FirstCare Medical Center in Highland, we know sore throats don’t come at convenient times and you may need to see someone outside the hours of your regular doctor’s office. That is why we offer urgent care open seven days a week and after typical business hours on weekdays. When you have a sore throat that is just causing you too much discomfort or you think it could be something more serious, it’s always best to be seen by a doctor so you can get on medication right away if that is something the doctor thinks will help you.

We offer pediatric and adult urgent care, don’t require appointments, and can treat most illnesses and injuries here on site. We accept most insurances and offer cost-effective care for uninsured patients. If you have a sore throat this upcoming winter and you think it is more than just a cold, come see the caring staff at FirstCare Medical Center in Highland. We can test for strep and have a diagnosis in ten minutes.

The photo is of a typical strep throat presentation with redness described as cherry red. You can also see yellow or green discharge.