Stretch Marks, Acne Scars in Poughkeepsie

You don’t have to live with stretch marks if you don’t want to. If the expense or downtime associated with traditional stretch mark removal procedures like surgery has made you hesitate, there are more options. Laser treatments, which treat the skin instead of removing it, is a healthy and convenient alternative. Here are three reasons to consider it:

1. There is less recovery time and fewer associated costs.
Surgery is always an invasive procedure, even if it’s localized and relatively surface level. Stretch marks can occur on large portions of your skin’s surface area. That means you either have to have a recovery period with severe restrictions or longer recovery periods if you stretch out each procedure. Surgery and recovery come with a lot of incidental costs, not just expenses of the direct procedure.

But laser treatment gives you far more flexibility. It isn’t surgery and it’s doesn’t come with long, uncomfortable recovery periods. In fact, most procedures let you return to your usual daily routine as soon as you leave the office, so you don’t even have to take it easy the first few days following the treatments.

2. The procedure stimulates natural cell activity.

Laser treatment doesn’t burn the stretch marks away. The focused light instead stimulates the skin to rebuild the damaged tissue and give your skin a healthier elasticity. The light boosts your skin’s internal activity and encourages higher production rates of collagen and elastin, two natural chemicals that keep your skin smooth and elastic. This is great if you have stretch marks from habitual activities, not just specific events like pregnancy because it focuses on overall skin rejuvenation and healthier cellular activity over time.

3. Laser treatment works for most aaskin types and stretch marks. Some skin types produce less collagen and elastin than others. Some stretch marks are more visible on certain skin tones than others, and other skin types naturally form deeper stretch marks. No matter high concentrated, deep, or widespread the stretch marks you want to remove are, laser treatment can help.
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