TeleMedicine and Virtual Doctor Visits in Highland, New Paltz and Poughkeepsie, NY

TeleMedicine and Virtual Doctor Visits in Highland, New Paltz and Poughkeepsie.
Also known as virtual visits, the ability to communicate with a medical provider from outside of the office is here to stay. It is fast and convenient, and for many of our patients needs it works quite well. Insurance covers TeleMedicine visits and for uninsured patients the cost is $89.00.
Why use FirstCare TeleMedicine? For the past thirteen years, FirstCare has been a place that the community has come to know and trust. The same providers will be taking care of you over the internet that take care of you at our office. And if the problem requires an in-person visit, patients can drive over to FirstCare and be seen without the expense of a second visit. Other TeleMedicine services will put you in touch with a provider that may not be local or even in the same state.
What are common conditions that people use TeleMedicine for? Here are just a few:
Covid Testing. A quick phone conversation with one of our providers will set you up for a same-day Covid test at our office.
Respiratory Infections. Wondering if your symptoms might be Covid, the Flu or just a common cold? This can be discussed with a provider from the comfort of your home.
Tick Bites. Bitten by a tick and are interested in prophylactic antibiotics? No problem. Prescriptions can be sent right in to your pharmacy.
Prescription Refills. Can’t reach your own provider? We can refill almost any prescription in minutes without an in-person office visit.
Poison Ivy and rashes. Many can be diagnosed and treated via a video chat.
What complaints are not appropriate for TeleMedicine? Certainly chest pain, abdomen pain, severe pain of unknown origin and possible stroke are just a few of the complaints that are difficult to diagnose and treat via video. When in doubt, just call us! 845-691-3627 extension 4.