“Dr Steve Weinman and his team go out of their way to make your visit an A+ experience.  I went to this facility with severe allergy symptoms.  My wait time was short and his entire team was helpful.  The whole center functions like a well oiled modern machine!  Dr. Weinman has an eye for detail, compassion, and building relationships with all patients!”

“The staff was incredibly accommodating and kind. The np was efficient, knowledgable and explained everything really well to both me and my partner. I was having breathing issues and they took me right in and got me on the nebulizer immediately, sent my scripts to the pharmacy, and got me a nebulizer to take home. I was so impressed with everything about FirstCare. What a great option for walk-in medical care!!”

“I was a little apprehensive about going here my first time since any other urgent care I have used in the past my experience was less than desirable. This place is beyond amazing. The front desk staff and doctors are awesome! They are kind, courteous and very professional unlike my doctors office where I am rushed and treated like a number. At urgent care they actually listen. They genuinely care about their patients. I have recommended this place to many people and will continue to do so. Couldn’t ask for a better place.”

” We love FirstCare! Dr. Lauren Vigna is amazing. She is not only my primary but the pediatrician for our two kids. She is so patient with the kids, and really listens to me. I am always confident and comforted by her expertise and diagnosis. The staff is so incredibly friendly and make us feel very comfortable.”

“My husband and I were very sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection.  We made a visit to First Care on a Saturday afternoon. It was our first visit to the facility. The entire experience exceeded our expectations.  The staff was caring and concerned.  We were seen promptly.   The facility was a clean and welcoming environment. We feel that we have found an urgent care facility to help us when our Doctors office is closed.”

“This was the first time I visited FirstCare (on a VERY sick day).  My entire experience was amazing.  Everyone was friendly, helpful, professional, and genuinely concerned for my health.  The facility is beautiful and meticulously cared for.  It is so reassuring to know FirstCare is close-by, providing our community with impressive medical care.  Thanks so much for a great experience!”

“These people are outstanding!!!Very professional, courteous, always with a smile. I continue to go there because of the above and so do friends!!! Thank you for being there when we need you. 🙂 “

“FirstCare allows patients the ability to walk-in and be seen in a timely manner which makes it very convenient with my busy work schedule. I never wait long and they are often able to complete the visit in less than 15 minutes for minor conditions. They have a well designed office that is in a modern style rather than making the office feel like an old traditional doctor’s office.”

“This facility is a godsend. Had it not been available, I would have been contemplating an ED visit and hundreds of dollars to get the same service that took about 15 minutes and saved me untold worry and potential pain. THANK YOU.”

“First Care took great care of me both times I went. I didn’t have health insurance and they worked with me to make sure I was taken care of and didn’t go broke!”

“Currently I have no medical insurance and was seeking medical attention. I was so pleased with the service I received and felt like a regular patient. I was given the same attention if I had seen my personal doctor who again I haven’t seen due to no insurance and the cost. The cost of my visit and test today were reasonable and gave me peace of mind. I will definitely return in the future. Thank you for treating me like a person and not just another number which I have experienced in a clinic and still got no results.”

“Courteous and professional staff. Thank you. I didn’t get that rushed feeling I get from a large doctors office.”

“I am so pleased with the care at FirstCare. I am treated with great concern for my heath as well as my financial situation. The staff is always watching out for me in all aspects and I am very grateful.”

“This was my first visit to FirstCare. Everyone was extremely nice, professional and the office was immaculately clean.”

“I have been searching for medical care and philosophy like this office provides for a very long time – in fact, I didn’t think it could exist. I am so grateful!”

“I am so grateful for the kindness and professionalism at FirstCare. Thank you for making me so comfortable so I take better are of myself. And, I love the facility and flexibility of hours. Couldn’t ask for more.”

“FirstCare is the best thing to happen to this area since they paved the roads.”

“I had a very positive experience today! Everyone I met was pleasant and professional and the Physician/PA who helped me was great! He listened very carefully and offered helpful solutions and follow up. He was very caring and professional! It was a breath of fresh air to be listened to and helped. I also loved the atmosphere throughout the office! It was so serene and uplifting. I had such a positive experience that I scheduled an appt as a new patient with the FirstCare Family Practice. I’m so glad I stopped in. It is also a very convenient location. Thanks! I will definitely return and will also recommend to others.”

“I appreciated the follow-up phone call I received from your staff asking how well how I was feeling. Although I was starting to feel better, the phone call made me feel great. Thank you.”

“I recommend FirstCare to everyone. Please stay as wonderful as you are.”

“I was very impressed with your medical center and all the staff. My family will be switching to FirstCare for all our medical needs.”

“Wonderful staff and excellent ideas and tips on getting better. Thanks to all.”

“The good thing is that this facility may be used as a regular medical center for those that don’t have a regular primary doctor.”

“I love the music and the TV – it felt like I was at a spa.”

“The staff at FirstCare Medical Center is very nice, friendly and compassionate. I highly recommend it.”

“I use FirstCare for all of my family’s needs: emergencies, colds and routine visits. It is much easier than trying to see or talk to my former primary physician. I’m so glad FirstCare is here. Keep up the good work, everyone is so nice.”

“I’m glad you guys are here!”

“You have a very professional staff who goes out of their way to better serve the needs of the patient. Thank you!”

“We came from Accord 20 miles away. It was well worth it as the tea, kids rooms and clean and spacious bathrooms were really appreciated. Beautiful!”

“Well done! We will continue to use your facility.”

“All the staff exhibited care and concern as well as a positive and happy attitude. Absent my regular caregiver, FirstCare is my FIRST CHOICE. In July of 2009 I heard from friends who were treated there. They recommended FirstCare highly!”

“It was the best medical service I have ever received. Thank you so much!”

“We are so happy you open your office near us! From when you walk in, the atmosphere is wonderful. Gorgeous décor, pleasant service, and wonderful doctors. We have four children and I’ve been to visit pretty frequently and always have had a positive experience. Thank you.”

“This is the best thing to happen to our neighborhood since I moved here from New York City. Medical facilities like this should be available in all suburban and rural areas to cut down on visits to emergency rooms and thereby save lots of money in overall health care in the United States.”

“FirstCare is incredible! A state-of-the-art facility in our own backyard! To say I’m impressed is an understatement! Thank you for thinking of everything from hiring the best medical professionals to the placement of visual aesthetics.”

“I am so happy with the level of care, the professionalism, and most of all how the doctors listen. I would highly recommend FirstCare to everyone I know. I was impressed by the fact that prescriptions and patient records are all computerized. I can read what the doctors prescribed and told me what to do. Excellent facility.”

“My daughter and I are both patients and have had only the best of experiences with all the staff at FirstCare. You’re the best! Also, the office and exam rooms are beautiful and make for an extra special atmosphere, especially when you’re not feeling well. We appreciate all your kindness and attention to detail!”

“I’ve been going to FirstCare four times in the past 2 years and I love going there – great staff, fast service, fax prescriptions right to my pharmacy so it’s waiting when I get there. Excellent overall!”

“I was on a very tight schedule and had to sandwich in my visit between 2 other appointments. I had to leave for my other appointment before being seen but your staff graciously accommodated me on my return and facilitated quick service.”

“This was the 2nd time I have been at FirstCare and it is an amazing place – I recommend it to everyone. The practitioners are excellent, the staff, the décor, the tea… wonderful!”

“Love your office and I want to use it as my primary care physician – working on it as we speak.”

“I have been so happy with the care my family has been given, mostly with Urgent Care. Because of that I have now made you my primary care physicians. The hours are great and work with our busy schedules. I also like the holistic approach to health care and that herbs and natural remodies are always a first. The immune booster by Jasons is a personal favorite of mine. Thank you”

“You should feel very blessed for giving the community such great care! Thank you for always being here when I need you.”

“I can not tell you how much I appreciate everything the staff did for me at First Care. I rarely go to the doctor, but I knew I was very sick. I had come down with an acute onset of influenza. My regular doctors office would not see me for 3 days. I had been to First Care in the past with my friend and they took excellent care of him.”

“Your staff were kind, efficent, and sincere. Everything went fast, from check in to check out.”

“I want to esp. thank Dr. Weinman for his compassion and care towards me. I had not been this sick in years, and his kind words, advise, and medicine scripted out made me so much more comfortable.”

“I am a retired registered nurse and was visiting the area, and I needed a doctor. Your facility and care were “top notch,” and very impressive. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for the quick professional medical care. It might have saved my life, probably did. You are all wonderful. Thank you.”

“The care and compassion for my 4-year old daughter was beyond expectations. The female doctor brought her juice, laid on the exam table with her, and discussed princesses while blood was drawn. We were not rushed at any point; we were given as much time as we wanted for questions and explanations. In the end, my daughter was sad to leave because she enjoyed the kids waiting room so much. Thank you.”

“I have used First Care on a number of occasions avoiding a trip to the emergency room and an all day wait to be diagnosed. Dr. Weinman and his staff are highly competent and I would recommend First Care to anyone needing immediate medical attention.”

“I work in healthcare and frequent other medical practices as part of my job. This was by far one of the best medical experiences I have had both personally and professionally. The nurse and physician were fantastic and should be commended.”

“Thanks to FirstCare, I am feeling better already.  Dr. Lauren Vigna and Jennifer Barresi, FNP, along with their staff, offer a convivial waiting room (and you won’t wait for long) that reflects the caring and professionalism that is at the heart of this practice.  Thank you to everyone at FirstCare.  Highly recommend them!  G. E.”

“My Husband and myself have been patients of First Care for several years and we could not be more satisfied.  I have been an RN for over 30 years and I am thoroughly impressed with the staff. From the front office to the nursing staff to Dr. Vigna and Jennifer Barresi NP we have received exceptional care. In all facets this practice raises the bar. I am so grateful we found them.”

“I was travelling and found myself in need of urgent care. I was so fortunate to receive care at First Care in New Palz. The care and professionalism impressed me enough to one, complete a survey and two, wish I was local and could experience such good care when needed.” – 10/18/2021

This is my first time leaving a review for anything online but I feel it’s necessary because this place is a gem. All the staff are overwhelmingly nice, the doctor who saw me also the same and genuinely honest and I respect that . I highly recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for or wants a change from their own medical facility they are going to. 5 stars keep up the good work!!

Extraordinary care, compassion and kindness. So glad we chose FirstCare Walk-In Medical Center for an emergent medical situation. I am writing my review from home instead of 8 hours in the ER. FirstCare = BEST CARE! Just wish they could be my primary!

This is the only time I have walked into an urgent care center and left happy. Everything about First Care was great. My visit was quick and painless, every person I met was kind and they solved my problem easily.

I have been here multiple times and have always had a good experience. Was in yesterday and waited no more than 5 minutes. Was done within a half hour of arriving. Would recommend going here to anyone who asks.

While on vacation at nearby Rocking Horse Ranch, my son developed an earache. We went on a Sunday morning and he was quickly evaluated, diagnosed and we got a prescription sent to the local Walgreens. Staff was professional, courteous and efficient.

One of the best urgent care visits I’ve ever experienced. The front desk staff were very efficient and friendly. I saw PA Carly who was very knowledgeable and personable. Wish I could have her as my primary provider. Would definitely come back for urgent care needs over other clinics nearby.

Non-insured friendly & no appointment needed!! — Went in today for strep treatment, and the nurse and doctor were lovely. They walked me through the process, were accommodating with my requests (I wanted my blood sugar taken even though it wasn’t relevant to the visit), etc. I don’t have health insurance, and they made sure to help me understand the costs of everything & my doctor even went out of her way to prescribe medication @ a local pharmacy she knew it would be the cheapest. I hope I don’t have to come back anytime soon- but first care was for sure the best urgent care experience I’ve ever had.

I got there at 9:30am on a Saturday, about 30 minutes before they open- and there was already a line & I had to wait an hour to be seen. But, even with the time it took me to pick up my meds, I was home by noon.

They don’t do blood work or X-rays on site, just an FYI.

It was about $140 for a first time visit (or $125 for a returning visit), and the strep test was $25. There are no payment plans available and you just pay on the spot before being seen. (Specially for uninsured patients- not sure about insured patients)

It’s a relaxing facility- and I recommend everyone to go to first care!

First care is a full treatment facility with outstanding professionals who care.

I have been coming to this urgent care for the past 5 years, and everytime I come back they keep getting better. Shortest waiting time ever. The doctors are absolutely amazing, the front desk check in very professional and above all the nurses are the best nurses in the area by far, they are very empathetic and very professional. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone because they are the best urgent care in New York I have ever been to.